Panic! At The Disco BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Performance Review 

Last weekend it’s safe to say over here in the UK, festival season has kicked off. Beginning with BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, a yearly festival hosted over the span of two days by radio station Radio 1 which moves from place to place around the UK every year. This year the fabulous festival took place in Exeter including an impressive line up ranging from performers such as Twenty One Pilots, Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975 and Panic! At The Disco. Therefore it was only right that I seized this opportunity to post a review of my collection of thoughts on Panic! At The Disco’s performance at Big Weekend.

Panic! At the Disco Big Weekend Setlist: 

  1. Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
  2. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa
  3. Victorious
  4. Nine In the Afternoon
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover)
  6. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  7. Emperors New Clothes

Firstly, bearing in mind over this particular weekend Panic! did also have other commitments at Slam Dunk Festival meaning that they were constantly traveling between locations in the UK such as Leeds, Exeter and Birmingham and trust me, coming from a person that lives in England, that is a large amount of travelling and performing so it would be somewhat understandable if the performance at Big Weekend was a bit worn. 

“I don’t know if as many people would know about my band if it wasn’t for this song.” – Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco)

Lead singer and original member Brendon Urie opening up Panic! At the Disco’s setlist.

Even though Panic! announced before going on stage that they did have to cut their setlist short of course due to Slam Dunk arrangements, I still think that the setlist lacked charisma for the amount of songs featured. Songs such as “The Ballad Of Mona Lisa” and even to some extent “I Write Sins Not a Tragedies” I believe should sometimes be swapped frequently for some other well known songs like “Girls/Girls/Boys”, “This Is Gospel” and especially “That Green Gentleman” because these two songs are still known even by casual Panic! At The Disco fans and I believe just would have suited the whole festival vibe oppose to a selection of songs that were officially on the setlist for this appearance. 

Urie on the piano during their well known version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

During the opening song “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time”, vocalist Brendon Urie’s voice in the more down tempo verse’s of this song seemed a little worse for wear and came across very rough. This could have easily been down to a number of influential factors such as the sound quality not coming across as clearly as it may of done in person at the festival and also his voice has probably been strained due to the performances over at Slam Dunk. However as the transition was made into the chorus his vocals definitely were back to their usual extravagant self with a Brendon executing them extra added high notes flawlessly. 

Panic! At the Disco on the In New Music We Trust stage at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend. 

Transitioning from song to song, the interaction between Urie and the audience was strong as ever between small intervals of song switches and even in the middle of singing, similar to the call and response technique used in music particularly in classic song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” this approach was demonstrated where the audience would repeat back a lyric after the singer had sung a line and in the case of Singer Brendon he made this tecnique even more enjoyable with the communication he created after singing. Even though sometimes communication and interaction did have to take place to overcome a slip up in setlist confusion closing off the performance, this still kept the vital connection between crowd and artist alive which a Brendon managed to consistently keep up which was probably a big factor to why this appearance at this festival was overall successful despite a few technicalities. 

Panic! had extra commitments over at Slam Dunk festival therefore their setlist has to be cut short before going on stage at Big Weekend. 

Progressing forward to later on in the setlist, and Brendon was beginning to fully adapt and function to the present moment of the performance and seemed to be regaining his hype and energy again. His character and personality began to flourish with his nonsensical, child like voices mimicking the lyrics in “Miss Jackson”. Not to mention that he treated the audience at the event and viewers at home to not one but two backflips throughout the entire performance which proves that even though you would think that Brendon and his touring members Dallon, Dan and Kenneth would be tired from being on the road between Slam Dunk Festival and Big Weekend they all still had the capability to put on an above average, charismatic performance at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend. 

“From every piece of my being, thanks for hanging out with us.” – Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco)

Panic! At the Disco’s stage setup for their festival performance in Exeter at Big Weekend. 


If you haven’t watched this performance yet and if the link below does work for you, I highly recommend you watch seeing as will surely get you in the mood for the upcoming summertime. In the other hand if you was at Radio 1 Big Weekend or like me immediately watched the performance as it was happening, drop me any comments on your thoughts and I will defiantly respond because I enjoy communicating with you guys over music. 

Performance Link: 

Panic! At the Disco BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Performance


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  3. Yep,what’s more,I like their third album a little more than their second.
    There’s no song to deny in that album!
    But it’s also a fact that the second album is more gorgeous while having produced a wonderful hit “Nine in the afternoon”

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      1. Can’t agree more!
        In that album there r two bonus track u can’t miss,”Bittersweet”,”Stall Me”!
        It seems that we share the same thought!
        Gonna put ur link under my BOOKMARK on my site!
        If u like to,put mine on urs as well! 🙂

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      2. Absolutely love Stall me. Although I have to say my favourites from that album is Hurricane or Trade Mistakes. Of course I’ll put your link it may take me some time seeing as in my mind I’m still fairly new to blogging on here! 😀

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    1. Yeah Panic! have covered Bohemian Rhapsody for as long as I can remember in their live performances. Of course Nine in the afternoon is a classic crowd pleasing song I think 😀

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      1. Urie is similar to the lead singer of Queen when it comes to the frequency of sweating and nadity!
        They r both passionate!
        Yep it’s Nine In The Afternoon that introduced them to me.
        Then I started to listen to their songs!

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      2. Definitely. I believe Queen have been a big influence on Panic! At the Disco’s career. It’s good to know that Nine in the afternoon introduced you to Panic! for me it was Ready To Go that got me hooked.

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