7 Years of One Direction 

23rd July 2010. Five teenage guys named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik were composed into a group on the X Factor after being unsuccessful as solo artists. They formed a band and named themselves One Direction. 7 years later and with countless awards under their belt, touring the world… Continue reading 7 Years of One Direction 


Louis Tomlinson (Featuring Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals) ‘Back to You’ Track Thoughts

Following on with the collaborative songs theme, Newly turned soloist and recent Epic Records signee Louis Tomlinson first teamed up with American musician Steve Aoki with the meaningful debut from Tomlinson 'Just Hold On' at long last a follow up second song from Louis freshly released today saw the former band member work along side… Continue reading Louis Tomlinson (Featuring Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals) ‘Back to You’ Track Thoughts

Why You Shoulden’t Get Downhearted About An Artists Setlist 

A debatable topic that has come to light in more recent occurring's basing around lead vocalist of the largely known band All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth has publically declared through a strong of Tweets on social media platform Twitter essentially elaborating on the process of picking tracks for setlists in this circumstance for All Time… Continue reading Why You Shoulden’t Get Downhearted About An Artists Setlist 

My Favourite Band Members (Part 3) 

With the music world packed full of established big name bands ranging to emerging artists and groups who are hopeful to peruse a professional career in the industry this means there are always plenty of bands, groups and ensembles that will suit all our individual musical tastes. Naturally when we indenting a band that creates… Continue reading My Favourite Band Members (Part 3) 

Summer Playlist 2017

The summer season is in full swing again and to have the best summer possible you need some of the best quality music to accompany this time of the year. With the most effective way to compile all of your favourite tracks in one place is to create a playlist off all your favourite summer… Continue reading Summer Playlist 2017

Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince 

Like Radio 1 has it's Big Weekend and KROQ has it's Weenie Roast, Capital FM also has its Jingle Bell Ball and in this circumstance it's Summertime Ball. Last weekend witnessed 80,000 music enthusiasts fill Wembley Stadium for the biggest ball of the year hosted by Capital FM here in the UK. Capitals Summertime Ball… Continue reading Capital Summertime Ball Concert Experince